Recorder sheet music

Here's some recorder duet/trio sheet music I've made based on various rock/pop/punk songs. Most of them are not too hard to play – although there are some fast notes, they're in friendly keys which make the fingerings fairly easy.

Tips: Do "double tonguing" for the fast ¼ beat notes, by saying "tiddeltiddel" instead of "ti ti ti ti". Also learn and use the alternative B fingering when going to/from C. It makes some things much easier.

Although most of the music is designated for soprano and tenor, you can play them on 2 sopranos. It just won't sound as good and some of the notes will likely overlap (be the same note and thus get lost). You can also play alto parts on a tenor, but you will have to play some high notes.

Title Artist Type Description
s soprano/descant
a alto/treble
t tenor
All the small things Blink-182 sst
Anthem Blink-182 st
Azalea Nano Ripe st Citrus anime OP
Dumpweed Blink-182 st
Enteralterego Terrorvision st
Everyday superhero Smashmouth sst
F.D.D. Kanako Itou st ChäoS;HEAd anime OP
Handle this Sum 41 stt
I just threw out the love of my dreams Weezer st
If I only had a heart Ozma st
Korobeiniki Russian folk song st
Lucifer's angel The Rasmus st
Motivation Sum 41 st
Nitro The Offspring st
Summer Sum 41 st
Super driver Aya Hirano st Haruhi Suzumiya anime OP
The one with 'Kid' Local H st

And here's some of my own music. Some have more than the normal 7 notes – it can be fun to have notes that don't belong in the key. But if you want to avoid the harder notes, pick lower numbers.

Title Type How many notes? Description
s soprano/descant
a alto/treble
t tenor
Cygnus st 7 Swan waltz
Schwimmtag st 8 Happy
Strife and confusion st 12 Maximum dissonance
Do you have the time? st 12 Starts with melody from Basket Case, but goes to other places before returning at the end
Für Elisabeth sa 7 Waltz
With the angels st 9 Rhythmic, with moments of tight harmony
Wheels in wheels st 9 Music of the spheres
Lemuria st 12 Challenging to play
Beneath a star st 7 Pachelbel in a Christmas carol
CCCP st 7 Based on Alexander Alexandrov's "Hymn of the Bolshevik Party", moving from bombast to a calm harmonious ending
The pursuit of justice st 8 Insistent
Lullabye sa 7 Calm
Tiergarten st 11 The melody alternates between the parts
Katzenmusik st 11 Somewhat dissonant, more challenging to play
Space academy st 7 Reminiscent of space anime
Metal rose sst 8 Song-like harmonies, with sparse rhythm
Factory st 8 Production line
Akihabara st 8 Lively, eastern
Hochspringtraum st 10 Dream adventure
Schafbergbad st 7 Joyful
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Enjoy! (˄_˄)