Recorder sheet music

Here's some recorder duet/trio sheet music I've made based on various rock/pop/punk songs. Most of them are not too hard to play – although there are some fast notes, they're in friendly keys which make the fingerings fairly easy.

Tips: Do "double tonguing" for the fast ¼ beat notes, by saying "tiddeltiddel" instead of "ti ti ti ti". Also learn and use the alternative B fingering when going to/from C. It makes some things much easier.

Duets for 1 soprano/descant and 1 tenor

Title Artist Notes
Anthem Blink-182
Azalea Nano Ripe Citrus anime OP
Dumpweed Blink-182
Enteralterego Terrorvision
F.D.D. Kanako Itou ChäoS;HEAd anime OP
If I only had a heart Ozma
Korobeiniki Russian folk song
Lucifer's angel The Rasmus
Motivation Sum 41
Nitro The Offspring
Summer Sum 41
Super driver Aya Hirano Haruhi Suzumiya anime OP
The one with 'Kid' Local H

Trios for 2 sopranos/descants and 1 tenor

Title Artist Notes
All the small things Blink-182
Everyday superhero Smashmouth

Trios for 1 soprano/descant and 2 tenors

Title Artist Notes
Handle this Sum 41
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Enjoy! (˄_˄)